Meaning of slop


Pronunciation: (slop), [key]
— v., n. slopped, slop•ping,
  1. to spill or splash (liquid).
  2. to spill liquid upon.
  3. to feed slop to (pigs or other livestock).
  1. to spill or splash liquid (sometimes fol. by about): The children happily slopped about in the puddles.
  2. (of liquid) to spill or splash out of a container (usually fol. by over): The milk slopped over the rim of the glass.
  3. to walk or go through mud, slush, or water.
  4. to be unduly effusive or sentimental; gush (usually fol. by over).
  5. to move in an idle, lazy, casual, or slovenly manner (usually fol. by around or about): to spend the weekend slopping around the house.
  1. a quantity of liquid carelessly spilled or splashed about.
  2. badly cooked or unappetizing food or drink.
  3. bran from bolted cornmeal mixed with an equal part of water and used as a feed for swine and other livestock.
  4. any similar, watery feed; swill.
  5. Often,
    1. the dirty water, liquid refuse, etc., of a household or the like.
    2. tasteless or unappetizing soup, stew, or drink.
  6. kitchen refuse; swill.
  7. liquid mud.
  8. the mash remaining after distilling.


Pronunciation: (slop), [key]
— n.
    1. clothing, bedding, etc., supplied to sailors from the ship's stores.
    2. cheap, ready-made clothing in general.
    3. short, baggy trousers, worn by men, esp. sailors, in the 16th and 17th centuries.
  1. a loose-fitting overgarment, as a tunic or smock.
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