Meaning of scribble


Pronunciation: (skrib'ul), [key]
— v., n. -bled, -bling,
  1. to write hastily or carelessly: to scribble a letter.
  2. to cover with meaningless writing or marks: to scribble all over a page.
  1. to write or draw in a hasty or careless way.
  2. to make meaningless marks, scrolls, lines, etc., with a pencil, pen, or the like.
  1. a note or other writing that has little or no meaning.
  2. a hasty or careless drawing or piece of writing.
  3. handwriting, esp. when illegible.


Pronunciation: (skrib'ul), [key]
— -bled, -bling.
  1. to tear apart (wool fibers) in the first stages of carding.
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