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Pronunciation: (skol'up, skal'-), [key]
— n.
  1. any of the bivalve mollusks of the genus Argopecten (Pecten) and related genera that swim by rapidly clapping the fluted shell valves together.
  2. the adductor muscle of certain species of such mollusks, used as food.
  3. one of the shells of such a mollusk, usually having radial ribs and a wavy outer edge.
  4. a scallop shell or a dish in which food, esp. seafood, is baked and served.
  5. a thin slice of meat, usually further flattened by pounding with a mallet or other implement.
  6. any of a series of curved projections cut along the edge, as of a fabric.
  1. to finish (an edge) with scallops.
  2. to escallop.
  1. to dredge for scallops.
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