Meaning of rustle


Pronunciation: (rus'ul), [key]
— v., n. -tled, -tling,
  1. to make a succession of slight, soft sounds, as of parts rubbing gently one on another, as leaves, silks, or papers.
  2. to cause such sounds by moving or stirring something.
  3. to move, proceed, or work energetically: Rustle around and see what you can find.
  1. to move or stir so as to cause a rustling sound: The wind rustled the leaves.
  2. to move, bring, or get by energetic action: I'll go rustle some supper.
  3. to steal (livestock, esp. cattle).
  4. to find, gather, or assemble by effort or search: to rustle up some wood for a fire.
  1. the sound made by anything that rustles: the rustle of leaves.
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