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Pronunciation: (run'out"), [key]
— n. Manège.
  1. the act of evading a jump or jumping outside of the limiting markers.


Pronunciation: (run'out"), [key]
— n.
    1. the gradual termination of a groove on the body of an object not ending there, as the upper termination of a flute in a twist drill.
    2. Also calledback clearance.a space in a depressed area of an object into which a machine tool or grinding wheel may safely enter at the end of a pass or operation.
  1. the merging of a curved surface into another surface.
  2. an act or instance of running away so as to evade, abandon, or avoid something.
  3. a person who runs away so as to avoid payment or duty.
  4. an act or instance of expiring or becoming depleted: the runout of a union contract; a runout in office supplies.
  5. uneven wear on the outer edges of a tire or on the rim of a wheel.
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