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Pronunciation: (rok), [key]
— n.
  1. a large mass of stone forming a hill, cliff, promontory, or the like.
  2. igneous rock.
    1. mineral matter of variable composition, consolidated or unconsolidated, assembled in masses or considerable quantities in nature, as by the action of heat or water.
    2. a particular kind of such matter:igneous rock.
  3. stone in the mass: buildings that stand upon rock.
  4. a stone of any size.
  5. something resembling or suggesting a rock.
  6. a firm foundation or support: The Lord is my rock.
  7. a kind of hard candy, variously flavored.
  8. See
  9. Often,
    1. a piece of money.
    2. a dollar bill.
    1. a diamond.
    2. any gem.
    1. crack (def. 41).
    2. a pellet or lump of crack.
  10. between undesirable alternatives.
  11. Their marriage is on the rocks.
    1. or into a state of disaster or ruin:Their marriage is on the rocks.
    2. Informal.without funds; destitute; bankrupt.
    3. (of a beverage, esp. liquor or a cocktail) with, or containing, ice cubes:Scotch on the rocks; a vodka martini on the rocks.
  12. . to have an orgasm.


Pronunciation: (rok), [key]
— v.i.
  1. to move or sway to and fro or from side to side.
  2. to be moved or swayed powerfully with excitement, emotion, etc.
  3. (of sand or gravel) to be washed in a cradle.
  4. to dance to or play rock music.
  5. (of popular music) to have the driving beat characteristic of rock.
  1. to move or sway to and fro or from side to side, esp. gently and soothingly.
  2. to lull in security, hope, etc.
  3. to affect deeply; stun; move or sway powerfully, as with emotion: Everyone in the courtroom was rocked by the verdict.
  4. to shake or disturb violently: A thunderous explosion rocked the waterfront.
  5. to roughen the surface of (a copperplate) with a rocker preparatory to scraping a mezzotint.
  6. cradle (def. 23).
  7. to disrupt the smooth functioning or routine of something: Don't rock the boat by demanding special treatment from management.
  1. a rocking movement: the gentle rock of the boat.
  2. rock-'n'-roll (def. 1).
  1. rock-'n'-roll (def. 3).


Pronunciation: (rok), [key]
— n.
  1. See


Pronunciation: (rok), [key]
— n.
  1. a male given name.
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