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Pronunciation: (ri-prōch'), [key]
— v.t.
  1. to find fault with (a person, group, etc.); blame; censure.
  2. to upbraid.
  3. to be a cause of blame or discredit to.
  1. blame or censure conveyed in disapproval: a term of reproach.
  2. an expression of upbraiding, censure, or reproof.
  3. disgrace, discredit, or blame incurred: to bring reproach on one's family.
  4. a cause or occasion of disgrace or discredit.
  5. Also calleda series of antiphons sung in church on Good Friday, consisting of words addressed by Christ to His people, reminding them of His mercies and of their ingratitude.
  6. an object of scorn or contempt.
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