Meaning of re-lease


Pronunciation: (rē-lēs'), [key]
— v., n. -leased, -leas•ing,
  1. to lease again.
  2. to make over (land, property, etc.), as to another.
  1. a contract for re-leasing land or property.
  2. the land or property re-leased.


Pronunciation: (ri-lēs'), [key]
— v., n. -leased, -leas•ing,
  1. to free from confinement, bondage, obligation, pain, etc.; let go: to release a prisoner; to release someone from a debt.
  2. to free from anything that restrains, fastens, etc.: to release a catapult.
  3. to allow to be known, issued, done, or exhibited: to release an article for publication.
  4. to give up, relinquish, or surrender (a right, claim, etc.).
  1. a freeing or releasing from confinement, obligation, pain, emotional strain, etc.
  2. liberation from anything that restrains or fastens.
  3. some device or agency for effecting such liberation.
  4. a grant of permission, as to publish, use, or sell something.
  5. the releasing of something for publication, performance, use, exhibition, or sale.
  6. the film, book, record, etc., that is released.
  7. See
    1. the surrender of a right or the like to another.
    2. a document embodying such a surrender.
  8. a remission, as of a debt, tax, or tribute.
    1. a control mechanism for starting or stopping a machine, esp. by removing some restrictive apparatus.
    2. the opening of an exhaust port or valve at or near the working stroke of an engine so that the working fluid can be exhausted on the return stroke.
    3. the point in the stroke of an engine at which the exhaust port or valve is opened.
  9. (in jazz or popular music) a bridge.
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