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Pronunciation: (ri-fyz'), [key]
— v., -fused, -fus•ing.
  1. to decline to accept (something offered): to refuse an award.
  2. to decline to give; deny (a request, demand, etc.): to refuse permission.
  3. to express a determination not to (do something): to refuse to discuss the question.
  4. to decline to submit to.
  5. (of a horse) to decline to leap over (a barrier).
  6. to decline to accept (a suitor) in marriage.
  7. to bend or curve back (the flank units of a military force) so that they face generally to the flank rather than the front.
  8. to renounce.
  1. to decline acceptance, consent, or compliance.


Pronunciation: (ref'ys), [key]
— n.
  1. something that is discarded as worthless or useless; rubbish; trash; garbage.
  1. rejected as worthless; discarded: refuse matter.
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