re-tread: Meaning and Definition of


Pronunciation: (rē-tred'), [key]
— -trod, -trod•den -trod, -tread•ing.
  1. to tread again.


Pronunciation: (v.rē-tred'n.rē'tred&sec), [key]
— v., n. -tread•ed, -tread•ing,
  1. to put a new tread on (a worn pneumatic tire casing) either by recapping or by cutting fresh treads in the smooth surface.
  2. to repeat or do over, esp. without the boldness or inventiveness of the original.
  1. a tire that has been retreaded.
  2. a person returned to active work after retirement, dismissal, etc.
  3. a person retrained for a new or more modern job or task.
  4. a repeating, reviving, or reworking of an old or familiar idea, presentation, story, etc., esp. when unimaginative or hackneyed; rehash: a boring retread of a classic movie.
  5. a person representing older or previous times, ideas, policies, etc., esp. when they are deemed passé or tiresome.
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