Meaning of pound


Pronunciation: (pound), [key]
— v.t.
  1. to strike repeatedly with great force, as with an instrument, the fist, heavy missiles, etc.
  2. to produce or effect by striking or thumping, or in a manner resembling this (often fol. by out): to pound out a tune on the piano.
  3. to force (a way) by battering; batter (often fol. by down): He pounded his way through the mob. He pounded the door down.
  4. to crush into a powder or paste by beating repeatedly.
  1. to strike heavy blows repeatedly: to pound on a door.
  2. to beat or throb violently, as the heart.
  3. to give forth a thumping sound: The drums pounded loudly.
  4. to walk or go with heavy steps; move along with force or vigor.
  1. the act of pounding.
  2. a heavy or forcible blow.
  3. a thump.


Pronunciation: (pound), [key]
— pl. pounds, pound.
  1. a unit of weight and of mass, varying in different periods and countries.
    1. (in English-speaking countries) an avoirdupois unit of weight equal to 7000 grains, divided into 16 ounces (0.453 kg), used for ordinary commerce. Abbr.: lb., lb. av.
    2. a troy unit of weight, in the U.S. and formerly in Britain, equal to 5760 grains, divided into 12 ounces (0.373 kg), used for gold, silver, and other precious metals. Abbr.: lb. t.
    3. (in the U.S.) an apothecaries' unit of weight equal to 5760 grains, divided into 12 ounces (0.373 kg). Abbr.: lb. ap.
  2. Also calleda paper money, nickel-brass coin, and monetary unit of the United Kingdom formerly equal to 20 shillings or 240 pence: equal to 100 new pence after decimalization in Feb. 1971. Abbr.: L; Symbol: £
  3. Also calleda former Scottish money of account, originally equal to the pound sterling but equal to only a twelfth of the pound sterling at the union of the crowns of England and Scotland in 1603.
  4. any of the monetary units of various countries, as Cyprus, Egypt, Ireland, Lebanon, Sudan, Syria, and of certain Commonwealth of Nations countries.
  5. (formerly) the Turkish lira.
  6. a former monetary unit of Israel, Libya, and Nigeria.
  7. a meter reading in units of five decibels: used as a measure of loudness for incoming signals.


Pronunciation: (pound), [key]
— n.
  1. an enclosure maintained by public authorities for confining stray or homeless animals.
  2. an enclosure for sheltering, keeping, confining, or trapping animals.
  3. an enclosure or trap for fish.
  4. a place of confinement or imprisonment.
  5. a place or area where cars or other vehicles are impounded, as those towed away for being illegally parked.
  6. reach (def. 26).
  1. to shut up in or as in a pound; impound; imprison.


Pronunciation: (pound), [key]
— n.
  1. 1885–1972, U.S. poet.
  2. 1872–1958, U.S. scholar and linguist.
  3. her brother,1870–1964, U.S. legal scholar and writer.
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