Meaning of personate


Pronunciation: (pûr'su-nāt"), [key]
— v., -at•ed, -at•ing.
  1. to act or portray (a character in a play, a part, etc.).
  2. to assume the character or appearance of; pass oneself off as, esp. with fraudulent intent; impersonate.
  3. to represent in terms of personal properties or characteristics; personify.
  1. to act or play a part.


Pronunciation: (pûr'su-nit, -nāt"), [key]
— adj.
    1. (of a bilabiate corolla) masklike. See illus. undercorolla.
    2. having the lower lip pushed upward so as to close the gap between the lips, as in the snapdragon.
    1. having a masked or disguised form, as the larvae of certain insects.
    2. having masklike markings.
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