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Pronunciation: (pal'u-tīn", -tin), [key]
— adj.
  1. having royal privileges: a count palatine.
  2. of or pertaining to a count palatine, earl palatine, or county palatine.
  3. of or pertaining to a palace; palatial: a palatine chapel.
  4. (cap.) of or pertaining to the Palatinate.
  1. a vassal exercising royal privileges in a province; a count or earl palatine.
  2. an important officer of an imperial palace.
  3. a high official of an empire.
  4. (cap.) a native or inhabitant of the Palatinate.
  5. (cap.) one of the seven hills on which ancient Rome was built.
  6. a shoulder cape, usually of fur or lace, formerly worn by women.


Pronunciation: (pal'u-tīn", -tin), [key]
— adj.
  1. of, near, or in the palate; palatal: the palatine bones.


Pronunciation: (pal'u-tīn"), [key]
— n.
  1. a city in NE Illinois. 32,166.
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