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Pronunciation: (ō"vur-rēch'), [key]
— v.t.
  1. to reach or extend over or beyond: The shelf overreached the nook and had to be planed down.
  2. to go beyond, as a thing aimed at or sought: an arrow that had overreached the target.
  3. to stretch to excess, as by a straining effort: to overreach one's arm and strain a muscle.
  4. to defeat (oneself&hasp;) by overdoing matters, often by excessive eagerness or cunning: In trying to promote disunity he had overreached himself.
  5. to strain or exert (oneself or itself&hasp;) to the point of exceeding the purpose.
  6. to get the better of, esp. by deceit or trickery; outwit: Every time you deal with them you wonder if they're overreaching you.
  7. to overtake.
  8. to overpower.
  1. to reach or extend over something.
  2. to reach too far: In grabbing for the rope he overreached and fell.
  3. to cheat others.
  4. (of a running or walking horse) to strike, or strike and injure, the forefoot with the hind foot.
  5. to sail on a tack longer than is desirable or was intended; overstand.
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