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Pronunciation: (out'rāj), [key]
— n., v., -raged, -rag•ing.
  1. an act of wanton cruelty or violence; any gross violation of law or decency.
  2. anything that strongly offends, insults, or affronts the feelings.
  3. a powerful feeling of resentment or anger aroused by something perceived as an injury, insult, or injustice: Outrage seized the entire nation at the news of the attempted assassination.
  1. to subject to grievous violence or indignity.
  2. to anger or offend; make resentful; shock: I am outraged by his whole attitude.
  3. to offend against (right, decency, feelings, etc.) grossly or shamelessly: Such conduct outrages our normal sense of decency.
  4. to rape.
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