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Pronunciation: (out), [key]
— adv.
  1. away from, or not in, the normal or usual place, position, state, etc.: out of alphabetical order; to go out to dinner.
  2. away from one's home, country, work, etc., as specified: to go out of town.
  3. in or into the outdoors: to go out for a walk.
  4. to a state of exhaustion, extinction, or depletion: to pump a well out.
  5. to the end or conclusion; to a final decision or resolution: to say it all out.
  6. to a point or state of extinction, nonexistence, etc.: to blow out the candle; a practice on the way out.
  7. in or into a state of neglect, disuse, etc.; not in current vogue or fashion: That style has gone out.
  8. so as not to be in the normal or proper position or state; out of joint: His back went out after his fall.
  9. in or into public notice or knowledge: The truth is out at last.
  10. seeking openly and energetically to do or have: to be out for a good time.
  11. not in present possession or use, as on loan: The librarian said that the book was still out.
  12. on strike: The miners go out at midnight.
  13. so as to project or extend: to stretch out; stick your tongue out.
  14. in or into activity, existence, or outward manifestation: A rash came out on her arm.
  15. from a specified source or material: made out of scraps.
  16. from a state of composure, satisfaction, or harmony: to be put out over trifles.
  17. in or into a state of confusion, vexation, dispute, variance, or unfriendliness: to fall out about trifles.
  18. so as to deprive or be deprived: to be cheated out of one's money.
  19. so as to use the last part of: to run out of gas.
  20. from a number, stock, or store: to point out the errors.
  21. aloud or loudly: to cry out.
  22. with completeness or effectiveness: to fill out.
  23. thoroughly; completely; entirely: The children tired me out.
  24. so as to obliterate or make undecipherable: to cross out a misspelling; to ink out.
  25. with maximum effort; thoroughly or wholeheartedly: They went all out to finish by Friday.
  26. to a surpassing extent; far and away; by far: It was out and away the best apple pie she had ever eaten.
  27. aggressively determined to acquire, achieve, etc.: He's out for all the money he can get.
  28. out of a difficult situation, esp. of debts or other obligations: The work piled up while I was away and I don't know how I'll ever get out from under.
  29. out of the house.
    1. not within:out of the house.
    2. beyond the reach of:The boat's passengers had sailed out of hearing.
    3. not in a condition of:out of danger.
    4. so as to deprive or be deprived of.
    5. from within or among:Take the jokers out of the pack.
    6. because of; owing to:out of loyalty.
    7. foaled by (a dam):Grey Dancer out of Lady Grey.
  30. She felt out of it because none of her friends were at the party.
    1. not part of or acceptable within an activity, social group, or fashion:She felt out of it because none of her friends were at the party.
    2. not conscious; drunk or heavily drugged.
    3. not alert or clearheaded; confused; muddled.
    4. eliminated from contention:If our team loses two more games, we'll be out of it.
  31. See(def. 19).
  32. (of a ship) drawing excessively at the bow or stern.
  1. not at one's home or place of employment; absent: I stopped by to visit you last night, but you were out.
  2. not open to consideration; out of the question: I wanted to go by plane, but all the flights are booked, so that's out.
  3. wanting; lacking; without: We had some but now we're out.
  4. removed from or not in effective operation, play, a turn at bat, or the like, as in a game: He's out for the season because of an injury.
  5. no longer having or holding a job, public office, etc.; unemployed; disengaged (usually fol. by of&hasp;): to be out of work.
  6. inoperative; extinguished: The elevator is out. Are the lights out?
  7. finished; ended: before the week is out.
  8. not currently stylish, fashionable, or in vogue: Fitted waistlines are out this season.
  9. unconscious; senseless: Two drinks and he's usually out.
  10. not in power, authority, or the like: a member of the out party.
  11. He was out at first on an attempted bunt.
    1. (of a batter) not succeeding in getting on base:He was out at first on an attempted bunt.
    2. (of a base runner) not successful in an attempt to advance a base or bases:He was out in attempting to steal second base.
  12. beyond fixed or regular limits; out of bounds: The ball was out.
  13. having a pecuniary loss or expense to an indicated extent: The company will be out millions of dollars if the new factory doesn't open on schedule.
  14. incorrect or inaccurate: His calculations are out.
  15. not in practice; unskillful from lack of practice: Your bow hand is out.
  16. beyond the usual range, size, weight, etc. (often used in combination): an outsize bed.
  17. exposed; made bare, as by holes in one's clothing: out at the knees.
  18. at variance; at odds; unfriendly: They are out with each other.
  19. moving or directed outward; outgoing: the out train.
  20. not available, plentiful, etc.: Mums are out till next fall.
  21. external; exterior; outer.
  22. located at a distance; outlying: We sailed to six of the out islands.
  23. not having its innings: the out side.
  24. of or pertaining to the playing of the first nine holes of an 18-hole golf course (opposed to in): His out score on the second round was 33.
  1. (used to indicate movement or direction from the inside to the outside of something): He looked out the window. She ran out the door.
  2. (used to indicate location): The car is parked out back.
  3. (used to indicate movement away from a central point): Let's drive out the old parkway.
  1. begone! away!
  2. (used in radio communications to signify that the sender has finished the message and is not expecting or prepared to receive a reply.) Cf.(def. 61).
  3. (an exclamation of abhorrence, indignation, reproach, or grief (usually fol. by upon): Out upon you!
  1. a means of escape or excuse, as from a place, punishment, retribution, responsibility, etc.: He always left himself an out.
  2. a person who lacks status, power, or authority, esp. in relation to a particular group or situation.
  3. Usually,persons not in office or political power (distinguished from ins).
  4. a put-out.
  5. (in tennis, squash, handball, etc.) a return or service that does not land within the in-bounds limits of a court or section of a court (opposed to in).
  6. something that is out, as a projecting corner.
    1. the omission of a word or words.
    2. the word or words omitted.
  7. an outing.
  8. to be estranged from (another person); be unfriendly or on bad terms with: He is on the outs with his brother.
  1. to go or come out.
  2. to become public, evident, known, etc.: The truth will out.
  3. to make known; tell; utter (fol. by with): Out with the truth!
  1. to eject or expel; discharge; oust.
  2. to intentionally expose (a secret homosexual, esp. a public figure).


Pronunciation: [key]
  1. a prefixal use ofadv., occurring in various senses in compounds (outcast, outcome, outside), and serving also to form many transitive verbs denoting a going beyond, surpassing, or outdoing in the particular action indicated (outbid, outdo, outgeneral, outlast, outstay, outrate).
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