Meaning of nuzzle


Pronunciation: (nuz'ul), [key]
— v., n. -zled, -zling,
  1. to burrow or root with the nose, snout, etc., as an animal does: a rabbit nuzzling into the snow.
  2. to thrust the nose, muzzle, etc.: The dog nuzzled up to his master.
  3. to lie very close to someone or something; cuddle or snuggle up.
  1. to root up with the nose, snout, etc.: training pigs to nuzzle truffles from the ground.
  2. to touch or rub with the nose, snout, muzzle, etc.
  3. to thrust the nose, muzzle, snout, etc., against or into: The horse was nuzzling my pocket for sugar.
  4. to thrust (the nose or head), as into something.
  5. to lie very close to; cuddle or snuggle up to.
  1. an affectionate embrace or cuddle.
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