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Pronunciation: (miks), [key]
— v., n. mixed mixt, mix•ing,
  1. to combine (substances, elements, things, etc.) into one mass, collection, or assemblage, generally with a thorough blending of the constituents.
  2. to put together indiscriminately or confusedly (often fol. by up).
  3. to combine, unite, or join: to mix business and pleasure.
  4. to add as an element or ingredient: Mix some salt into the flour.
  5. to form or make by combining ingredients: to mix a cake; to mix mortar.
  6. to crossbreed.
  7. to mix dialogue and sound effects.
    1. to combine, blend, edit, etc. (the various components of a soundtrack):to mix dialogue and sound effects.
    2. to complete the mixing process on (a film, soundtrack, etc.):an important movie that took months to mix.
  8. to combine (two or more separate recordings or microphone signals) to make a single recording or composite signal.
  1. to become mixed: a paint that mixes easily with water.
  2. to associate or mingle, as in company: to mix with the other guests at a party.
  3. to be crossbred, or of mixed breeding.
  4. to exchange blows vigorously and aggressively: The crowd jeered as the fighters clinched, refusing to mix.
  5. to mix the tracks of an existing recording to make a new recording with fewer tracks: the four-track tape was mixed down to stereo.
    1. to engage in a quarrel.
    2. to fight with the fists. Also,mix it.
  6. The teacher was always mixing up the twins.
    1. to confuse completely, esp. to mistake one person or thing for another:The teacher was always mixing up the twins.
    2. to involve or entangle.
  1. an act or instance of mixing.
  2. the result of mixing; mixture: cement mix; an odd mix of gaiety and sadness.
  3. a commercially prepared blend of ingredients to which usually only a liquid must be added to make up the total of ingredients necessary or obtain the desired consistency: a cake mix; muffin mix.
  4. mixer (def. 4).
  5. the proportion of ingredients in a mixture; formula: a mix of two to one.
  6. a mess or muddle; mix-up.
  7. an electronic blending of tracks or sounds made to produce a recording.


Pronunciation: (miks), [key]
  1. (Tom), 1880–1940, U.S. film actor in westerns.
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