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Pronunciation: (min'it), [key]
— n., v., adj. -ut•ed, -ut•ing,
  1. the sixtieth part () of an hour; sixty seconds.
  2. an indefinitely short space of time: Wait a minute!
  3. an exact point in time; instant; moment: Come here this minute!
  4. the official record of the proceedings at a meeting of a society, committee, or other group.
  5. a written summary, note, or memorandum.
  6. a rough draft, as of a document.
  7. the sixtieth part of a degree of angular measure, often represented by the sign &minsym;, as in 12° 10&minsym;, which is read as 12 degrees and 10 minutes. Cf.(def. 1c).
  8. modern; up-to-date: The building design is up to the minute.
  1. to time exactly, as movements or speed.
  2. to make a draft of (a document or the like).
  3. to record in a memorandum; note down.
  4. to enter in the minutes of a meeting.
  1. prepared in a very short time: minute pudding.


Pronunciation: (mī-nt', -nyt', mi-), [key]
— -nut•er, -nut•est.
  1. extremely small, as in size, amount, extent, or degree: minute differences.
  2. of minor importance; insignificant; trifling.
  3. attentive to or concerned with even the smallest details: a minute examination.
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