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Pronunciation: (mär'kur), [key]
— n.
  1. a person or thing that marks.
  2. something used as a mark or indication, as a bookmark or tombstone.
  3. a person who records the scores, points, etc., as in a game or contest.
  4. a counter used in card playing.
  5. See
  6. an object, as a book or topcoat left at a library table, used to establish territorial possession in a public place.
    1. an element of a construction, as a coordinating conjunction, that is not a part of either immediate constituent.
    2. an element that indicates the grammatical class or function of a construction.
  7. a small radio beacon, automatically operated, used for local navigation of vessels.
  8. mile-marker.
  9. Also calleda pen designed for making bold, colorful, or indelible marks, as in making signs or identifying objects.
    1. a debt, esp. a gambling debt.
    2. a written or signed promise to pay a debt, esp. a gambling debt; a promissory note or IOU.
  10. Also calleda grade of oil on which prices of other crude oils are based.
  11. one's location while driving on a highway, as determined by the nearest milepost.
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