Meaning of lee


Pronunciation: (lē), [key]
— n.
  1. protective shelter: The lee of the rock gave us some protection against the storm.
  2. the side or part that is sheltered or turned away from the wind: We erected our huts under the lee of the mountain.
  3. the quarter or region toward which the wind blows.
  4. accidentally against what should be the lee side of a sail: Careless steering brought the wind by the lee.
  5. to leeward.
  1. pertaining to, situated in, or moving toward the lee.


Pronunciation: (lē), [key]
— n.
  1. Usually,the insoluble matter that settles from a liquid, esp. from wine; sediment; dregs.


Pronunciation: (lē), [key]
— n.
  1. 1736–84, British mystic: founder of Shaker sect in U.S.
  2. 1731–82, American Revolutionary general, born in England.
  3. born 1905, U.S. painter.
  4. 1835–1905, U.S. general and statesman (grandson of Henry Lee; nephew of Robert E. Lee).
  5. 1734–97, American Revolutionary statesman (brother of Richard H. Lee).
  6. (Rose Louise Hovick), 1914–70, U.S. entertainer.
  7. born 1926, U.S. novelist.
  8. (“Light-Horse Harry”), 1756–1818, American Revolutionary general (father of Robert E. Lee).
  9. born 1923, Singapore political leader: prime minister since 1959.
  10. (“Ellery Queen”), 1905–71, U.S. mystery writer, in collaboration with Frederic Dannay.
  11. 1732–94, American Revolutionary statesman (brother of Francis L. Lee).
  12. 1807–70, U.S. soldier and educator: Confederate general in the American Civil War (son of Henry Lee).
  13. 1859–1926, English biographer and critic.
  14. born 1926, Chinese physicist in the U.S.: Nobel prize 1957.
  15. a town in W Massachusetts: resort. 6247.
  16. a male or female given name.
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