Meaning of La Fayette

La Fa•yette

Pronunciation: (laf"ē-et', laf"ā-, lä"fē-, -fā- Fr. la&wdspcfa-yet'), [key]
  1. 1634–93, French novelist.


Pronunciation: (laf"ē-et', laf"ā-, lä"fē-, -fā- for 1 also Fr. la-fa-yet'), [key]
  1. 1757–1834, French soldier, statesman, and liberal leader, who served in the American Revolutionary Army and took a leading part in the French revolutions of 1789 and 1830.
  2. a city in S Louisiana. 81,961.
  3. a city in W Indiana, on the Wabash River. 43,001.
  4. a town in W California. 20,879.
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