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Pronunciation: ( jol'ē), [key]
— adj., v., n., pl. adv. -li•er, -li•est, -lied, -ly•ing, -lies,
  1. in good spirits; gay; merry: In a moment he was as jolly as ever.
  2. cheerfully festive or convivial: a jolly party.
  3. joyous; happy: Christmas is a jolly season.
  4. delightful; charming.
  5. a jolly blunderer.
    1. Informal.great; thorough:a jolly blunderer.
    2. Slang.slightly drunk; tipsy.
  1. to talk or act agreeably to (a person) in order to keep that person in good humor, esp. in the hope of gaining something (usually followed by along): They jollied him along until the job was done.
  1. to jolly a person; josh; kid.
  1. the practice or an instance of jollying a person.
  2. Usually,pleasurable excitement, esp. from or as if from something forbidden or improper; thrills; kicks: He gets his jollies from watching horror movies.
  1. extremely; very: He'll jolly well do as he's told.
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