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Pronunciation: ("tur-sept''tur-sept"), [key]
— v.t.
  1. to take, seize, or halt (someone or something on the way from one place to another); cut off from an intended destination: to intercept a messenger.
  2. to see or overhear (a message, transmission, etc., meant for another): We intercepted the enemy's battle plan.
  3. to stop or check (passage, travel, etc.): to intercept the traitor's escape.
  4. to take possession of (a ball or puck) during an attempted pass by an opposing team.
  5. to stop or interrupt the course, progress, or transmission of.
  6. to destroy or disperse (enemy aircraft or a missile or missiles) in the air on the way to a target.
  7. to stop the natural course of (light, water, etc.).
  8. to mark off or include, as between two points or lines.
  9. to intersect.
  10. to prevent or cut off the operation or effect of.
  11. to cut off from access, sight, etc.
  1. an interception.
    1. an intercepted segment of a line.
    2. (in a coordinate system) the distance from the origin to the point at which a curve or line intersects an axis.
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