Meaning of indurate


Pronunciation: (v.in'doo-rāt", -dyoo-adj.in'doo-rit, -dyoo-&wdspcin-door'it, -dyoor'-), [key]
— v., adj. -rat•ed, -rat•ing,
  1. to make hard; harden, as rock, tissue, etc.: Cold indurates the soil.
  2. to make callous, stubborn, or unfeeling: transgressions that indurate the heart.
  3. to inure; accustom: to indurate oneself to privation and suffering.
  4. to make enduring; confirm; establish: to indurate custom through practice.
  1. to become hard; harden.
  2. to become established or confirmed.
  1. hardened; unfeeling; callous; inured.
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