Meaning of incorporate


Pronunciation: (v.in-kôr'pu-rāt"adj.in-kôr'pur-it, -prit), [key]
— v., adj. -rat•ed, -rat•ing,
  1. to form into a legal corporation.
  2. to put or introduce into a body or mass as an integral part or parts: to incorporate revisions into a text.
  3. to take in or include as a part or parts, as the body or a mass does: His book incorporates his earlier essay.
  4. to form or combine into one body or uniform substance, as ingredients.
  5. to embody: His book incorporates all his thinking on the subject.
  6. to form into a society or organization.
  1. to form a legal corporation.
  2. to unite or combine so as to form one body.
  1. legally incorporated, as a company.
  2. combined into one body, mass, or substance.
  3. embodied.


Pronunciation: (in-kôr'pur-it, -prit), [key]
— adj. Archaic.
  1. not embodied; incorporeal.
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