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Pronunciation: (ī-dē'u, ī-dē'), [key]
— n.
  1. any conception existing in the mind as a result of mental understanding, awareness, or activity.
  2. a thought, conception, or notion: That is an excellent idea.
  3. an impression: He gave me a general idea of how he plans to run the department.
  4. an opinion, view, or belief: His ideas on raising children are certainly strange.
  5. a plan of action; an intention: the idea of becoming an engineer.
  6. a groundless supposition; fantasy.
    1. a concept developed by the mind.
    2. a conception of what is desirable or ought to be; ideal.
    3. (cap.)Platonism.Also archetype or pattern of which the individual objects in any natural class are imperfect copies and from which they derive their being.
    4. Kantianism.Seeidea of pure reason.
  7. a theme, phrase, or figure.
    1. a likeness.
    2. a mental image.
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