Meaning of grommet


Pronunciation: (grom'it), [key]
— n.
    1. any of various rings or eyelets of metal or the like.
    2. an insulated washer of rubber or plastic, inserted in a hole in a metal part to prevent grounding of a wire passing through the hole.
    1. a ring or strop of fiber or wire; becket.
    2. a ring having a thickness of three strands, made by forming a loop of a single strand, then laying the ends around the loop.
    3. a ring of fiber used as a seal or gasket, as under the head of a bolt.
  1. a washer or packing for sealing joints between sections of pipe.
  2. a stiff ring of rubber or metal inside the top of a service cap, designed to keep the top of the cap stretched flat.
  3. a metal-bound eyelet in cloth, sometimes used decoratively, as on a garment.
  1. to fasten with a grommet.
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