Meaning of grandstand


Pronunciation: (gran'stand", grand'-), [key]
— n., v., adj. -stand•ed, -stand•ing,
  1. the main seating area of a stadium, racetrack, parade route, or the like, usually consisting of tiers with rows of individual seats.
  2. the people sitting in these seats.
  1. to conduct oneself or perform showily or ostentatiously in an attempt to impress onlookers: The senator doesn't hesitate to grandstand if it makes her point.
  1. situated in a grandstand: grandstand seats.
  2. having a vantage point resembling that of a grandstand: From our office windows on the third floor, we had a grandstand view of the parade.
  3. intended to impress an onlooker or onlookers: a grandstand catch.
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