Meaning of gouge


Pronunciation: (gouj), [key]
— n., v., gouged, goug•ing.
  1. a chisel having a partly cylindrical blade with the bevel on either the concave or the convex side.
  2. an act of gouging.
  3. a groove or hole made by gouging.
  4. an act of extortion; swindle.
    1. a layer of decomposed rocks or minerals found along the walls of a vein.
    2. fragments of rock that have accumulated between or along the walls of a fault.
  1. to scoop out or turn with or as if with a gouge: to gouge a channel; to gouge holes.
  2. to dig or force out with or as if with a gouge: to gouge out an eye.
  3. to make a gouge in: to gouge one's leg.
  4. to extort from, swindle, or overcharge.
  1. to engage in swindling, overcharging, or the like: I bought my clothes there before they began gouging.
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