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Pronunciation: (flī'ur), [key]
— n.
  1. something that flies, as a bird or insect.
  2. an aviator or pilot.
  3. an airplane passenger, esp. one who travels regularly by air.
  4. a person or thing that moves with great speed.
  5. some part of a machine having a rapid motion.
  6. a small handbill; circular.
  7. a flying jump or leap: He took a flier off the bridge.
  8. a risky or speculative venture: Our flier in uranium stocks was a disaster.
  9. one of the steps in a straight flight of stairs. Cf. winder (def. 2).
  10. a trapeze artist; aerialist.
  11. a silvery-green sunfish, Centrarchus macropterus, found from Virginia to Florida and through the lower Mississippi valley.
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