Meaning of fantail


Pronunciation: (fan'tāl"), [key]
— n.
  1. a tail, end, or part shaped like a fan.
  2. one of a breed of domestic pigeons, having a fan-shaped tail.
  3. any of various small birds having fanlike tails, as the Old World flycatchers of the genus Rhipidura and the American wood warblers of the genus Euthlypis.
  4. See
  5. a structure or structural member having a number of radiating parts, as an arch centering.
    1. the part of a rounded stern extending abaft the aftermost perpendicular; rounded counter.
    2. the area within this.
  6. a mustang.
  1. (of shrimp) shelled, split almost through, and flattened slightly before cooking.
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