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Pronunciation: (er'ur), [key]
— n.
  1. a deviation from accuracy or correctness; a mistake, as in action or speech: His speech contained several factual errors.
  2. belief in something untrue; the holding of mistaken opinions.
  3. the condition of believing what is not true: in error about the date.
  4. a moral offense; wrongdoing; sin.
  5. a misplay that enables a base runner to reach base safely or advance a base, or a batter to have a turn at bat prolonged, as the dropping of a ball batted in the air, the fumbling of a batted or thrown ball, or the throwing of a wild ball, but not including a passed ball or wild pitch.
  6. the difference between the observed or approximately determined value and the true value of a quantity.
    1. a mistake in a matter of fact or law in a case tried in a court of record.
    2. Seewrit of error.
  7. a stamp distinguished by an error or errors in design, engraving, selection of inks, or setting up of the printing apparatus. Cf. freak (def. 5),(def. 8).
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