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Pronunciation: (en-tīr'), [key]
— adj.
  1. having all the parts or elements; whole; complete: He wrote the entire novel in only six weeks.
  2. full or thorough: He has been given entire freedom of choice in this matter.
  3. not broken, mutilated, or decayed; intact: We were fortunate to find this relic entire.
  4. unimpaired or undiminished: His entire energies have gone into making the enterprise a success.
  5. being wholly of one piece; undivided; continuous: The entire mood of the symphony was joyful.
  6. without notches or indentations, as leaves.
  7. not gelded: an entire horse.
  8. wholly of one kind; unmixed or pure.
  1. the whole; entirety.
  2. an ungelded animal, esp. a stallion.
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