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Pronunciation: (dum'ē), [key]
— n., pl. adj., v., -mies, -mied, -my•ing.
  1. a representation or copy of something, as for displaying to indicate appearance: a display of lipstick dummies made of colored plastic.
  2. a representation of a human figure, as for displaying clothes in store windows.
  3. a stupid person; dolt.
  4. a person who has nothing to say or who takes no active part in affairs.
  5. one put forward to act for others while ostensibly acting for oneself.
    1. (offensive). a person who lacks the power of speech.
    2. a person who is characteristically and habitually silent.
    1. the declarer's partner, whose hand is exposed and played by the declarer.
    2. the hand of cards so exposed.
    3. a game so played.
    4. an imaginary player represented by an exposed hand that is played by and serves as partner to one of the players.
  6. pacifier (def. 2).
  7. sheets folded and made up to show the size, shape, form, sequence, and general style of a contemplated piece of printing.
  8. a rammer for pushing out dents in lead pipe.
  9. an artificial address, instruction, or other datum fed into a computer only to fulfill prescribed conditions and not affecting operations for solving problems.
  10. a nonexplosive bomb used for practice exercises.
  11. pontic.
  1. noting or pertaining to an imitation, representation, or copy.
  2. counterfeit; sham; fictitious.
  3. put forward to act for others while ostensibly acting for oneself.
  4. played with a dummy.
  1. to prepare a dummy of (often fol. by up): The designer dummied up the book so that they could study the format.
  2. to represent in a dummy (often fol. by in): to dummy in an illustration.
  3. to keep silent; refuse to answer: If anybody asks you, just dummy up.
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