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Pronunciation: (dōp), [key]
— n., v., doped, dop•ing.
  1. any thick liquid or pasty preparation, as a lubricant, used in preparing a surface.
  2. an absorbent material used to absorb and hold a liquid, as in the manufacture of dynamite.
    1. any of various varnishlike products for coating a fabric, as of airplane wings, in order to make it waterproof, stronger, etc.
    2. a similar product used to coat the fabric of a balloon to reduce gas leakage.
    1. any narcotic or narcoticlike drug taken to induce euphoria or satisfy addiction.
    2. any illicit drug.
  3. a narcotic preparation given surreptitiously to a horse to improve or retard its performance in a race.
  4. information, data, or news: What's the latest dope on the strike?
  5. a stupid or unresponsive person.
  6. soda pop, esp. cola-flavored.
  7. . syrup used as a topping for ice cream.
  1. to affect with dope or drugs.
  2. to apply or treat with dope.
  3. to add or treat (a pure semiconductor) with a dopant.
  1. to take drugs.
  2. to dope out a plan.
    1. to figure out; calculate; devise:to dope out a plan.
    2. to deduce or infer from available information:to dope out a solution to a problem.
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