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Pronunciation: (di-stingk'shun), [key]
— n.
  1. a marking off or distinguishing as different: His distinction of sounds is excellent.
  2. the recognizing or noting of differences; discrimination: to make a distinction between right and wrong.
  3. a discrimination made between things as different; special regard or favoritism: Death comes to all without distinction.
  4. condition of being different; difference: There is a distinction between what he says and what he does.
  5. a distinguishing quality or characteristic: It has the distinction of being the oldest house in the town.
  6. a distinguishing or treating with special honor, attention, or favor.
  7. an act of bestowing, or a mark of, honor or favor.
  8. marked superiority; note; eminence.
  9. distinguished appearance.
  10. division; separation.
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