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Pronunciation: (krôs'ō"vur, kros'-), [key]
— n.
  1. a bridge or other structure for crossing over a river, highway, etc.
    1. Seecrossing over.
    2. a genotype resulting from crossing over.
    1. the act of crossing over in style, usually with the intention of broadening the commercial appeal to a wider audience.
    2. music that crosses over in style, occasionally sharing attributes with several musical styles and therefore often appealing to a broader audience.
  2. Also calleda member of one political party who votes for the candidate of another party in a primary.
  3. See
  4. a track structure composed of two or more turnouts, permitting movement of cars from either of two parallel and adjacent tracks to the other.
    1. a step in which dancers exchange places.
    2. a step involving partners in which the woman moves from one side of her partner to the other, crossing in front of him.
  5. a ball that strikes the side of the head pin opposite to the bowling hand of the bowler.
  6. (in plumbing) a U-shaped pipe for bypassing another pipe.
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