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Pronunciation: (klout), [key]
— n.
  1. a blow, esp. with the hand; cuff: The bully gave him a painful clout on the head.
  2. pull; strong influence; muscle, esp. political power: a wealthy campaign contributor with clout at city hall.
  3. a long hit, esp. an extra-base hit: A hard clout to deep center field drove in the winning run.
    1. the mark or target shot at, esp. in long-distance shooting.
    2. a shot that hits the mark.
  4. Also calleda nail for attaching sheet metal to wood, having a short shank with a broad head.
    1. a patch or piece of cloth or other material used to mend something.
    2. any worthless piece of cloth; rag.
    3. an article of clothing (usually used contemptuously).
  1. to strike, esp. with the hand; cuff.
    1. to bandage.
    2. to patch; mend.
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