Meaning of Black and Tan

Black' and Tan'

Pronunciation: [key]
  1. Usually,an armed force of about 6000 soldiers sent by the British government to Ireland in June, 1920, to suppress revolutionary activity: so called from the colors of their uniform.
  2. a member of this force.
  3. (l.c.) a drink made of equal parts of ale and stout or porter.
  4. (l.c.) a black-and-tan dog.


Pronunciation: (blak'un-tan'), [key]
— adj.
  1. (of a dog) of a black color with tan markings above the eyes and on the muzzle, chest, legs, feet, and breech.
  2. composed of or frequented by both blacks and whites: a black-and-tan musical revue of the 1920s.
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