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Pronunciation: (u-bôrt'), [key]
— v.i.
  1. to bring forth a fetus from the uterus before the fetus is viable; miscarry.
  2. to develop incompletely; remain in a rudimentary or undeveloped state.
  3. to fail, cease, or stop at an early or premature stage.
  4. to fail to accomplish a purpose or mission for any reason other than enemy action.
  5. (of a missile) to stop before the scheduled flight is completed.
  1. to cause to bring forth (a fetus) from the uterus before the fetus is viable.
  2. to cause (a pregnant female) to be delivered of a nonviable fetus.
  3. to cause to cease or end at an early or premature stage: We aborted our vacation when the car broke down.
  4. to terminate (a missile flight, mission, etc.) before completion.
  5. to put down or quell in the early stages: Troops aborted the uprising.
  1. a missile, rocket, etc., that has aborted.
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