Year in Review, 2013

Top events for the nation and the world

News and Analysis

  • News of the Nation

    Take a look back at the major national news stories of 2013. Coverage includes the troubled debut of the Affordable Care Act, the Boston Marathon, government shutdown, breakthroughs for same-sex marriage, a setback for voting rights, the Whitey Bulger trial, and more.

  • News of the World

    The NSA surveillance program leaked to the media by Edward Snowden dominated headlines in 2013, as did the war in Syria. Other major stories included the ouster of Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, the death of Nelson Mandela, Iranian President Rouhani's charm offensive, the popularity of Pope Francis I, anti-government protests in Thailand and Ukraine, and more.

  • Science News 2013

    Read about 2013's biggest science news stories, from a Nobel Prize for the tiniest particle to a meteor streaking through the Russian sky to devastating weather disasters.

  • News: Month by Month
    Detailed chronology of the news each month, covering national and international events


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