September 2001 News and Events

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff


  • U.S. Accepts China's Missile Program (Sept. 1): Plans to drop objections to China's arms buildup in compromise to overcome objections to American missile-defense program.
  • Race Conference Reaches Accord (Sept. 3): U.S. and Israel quit Durban talks, protesting condemnation of Israel in draft declaration. (Sept. 8): Participating nations condemn slave trade and express concern over ?plight of the Palestinians under foreign occupation.? Final document does not single out Israel as racist state.
  • NATO Supports U.S. (Sept. 13): NATO secretary-general George Robertson says the organization will invoke a clause stating that an attack on one of its 19 member states is an attack on the whole alliance.
  • Pakistan Vows to Support U.S. (Sept. 13): Country's military ruler, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, promises full cooperation with the U.S. in its fight against terrorism.
  • China Clears Trade Obstacle (Sept. 14): Agreement with U.S. and Europe will allow China to enter World Trade Organization by early 2002, ending 15-year effort.
  • Arafat Orders Cease-Fire (Sept. 18): Palestinian leader orders security forces not to shoot even in self-defense. Israel responds by barring offensive action and moves troops out of Palestinian-controlled zones. Actions pave way for resumption of peace talks.
  • Europe Moves Against Terrorism (Sept. 19): Commission proposes drastic new enforcement measures in wake of terrorist attacks on U.S.
  • Pope Greeted in Kazakhstan (Sept. 22): On visit to East, John Paul II calls for ?peaceful means of negotiation and dialogue? to settle international controversies.
  • Former Communists Win Polish Election (Sept. 23): Democratic Left Alliance ousts Solidarity to gain decisive majority of seats in Warsaw's parliament.
  • Russia Offers Help to U.S. (Sept. 24): Promises broad support, including opening Russian airspace, to antiterrorist actions in Afghanistan.
  • Middle East Leaders Meet (Sept. 26): Yasir Arafat and Shimon Peres, Israeli foreign minister, agree to resume pursuit of peace. Gaza conference tarnished by nearby clash that injures three Israeli soldiers.
  • Canada Backs U.S. Antiterrorist Move (Sept. 26): Freezes assets of groups linked to violent actions.
  • UN Adopts Antiterror Campaign (Sept. 28): Security Council unanimously passes U.S. resolution requiring all 189 members to act against the financing, training, and movement of terrorist groups.
  • Swiss Examine Firearms Rules (Sept. 29): Killing of 14 lawmakers and government officials by man with army rifle spurs review of gun-possession policies.


  • Congress and President Return to Work (Sept. 2): Back from vacations, leaders face potentially bruising battles over budget surplus, spending, and taxes.
  • Mexico President Visits White House (Sept. 5): Vicente Fox urges Bush to commit to quick agreement on status of millions of illegal Mexican immigrants.
  • Terrorists Attack U.S. (Sept. 11): Hijackers ram jetliners into twin towers of New York City's World Trade Center and the Pentagon. A fourth hijacked plane crashes 80 miles outside of Pittsburgh. Toll of dead and injured in thousands. U.S. moves to reassure financial markets and prevent global economic slowdown. (Sept. 12 et seq.): Rescuers comb mountains of rubble in grim and daunting search for survivors.
  • Chief Bombing Suspect Named (Sept. 13): Administration reports radical Islamic militant Osama bin Laden is prime suspect in terrorist attacks on U.S. Bush pledges to wipe out terrorist networks with military action.
  • New York Seeks Return to Normal (Sept. 13): Encounters many obstacles in efforts to recover from World Trade Center bombings. Nation's airlines resume flights with limited runs and restrictive new security measures.
  • President Visits Scene of Bombings (Sept. 14): Leads nation in day of mourning for victims of terrorist attacks. In Washington, Senate votes, 98?0, to give president ?all necessary and appropriate force? to respond to terrorist attacks.
  • U.S. Warns Arab Countries (Sept. 14): Senior state department official gives representatives from 15 Arab countries ultimatum to either join international coalition against terrorism or face isolation in global conflict.
  • Looser Rules on CIA Urged (Sept. 15): Lawmakers see need for U.S. intelligence agency to be more aggressive in battling terrorism.
  • U.S. Promises to Aid Airlines (Sept. 18): Projects billions in financial help to ease impact of losses following terrorist attacks. Major carriers have already laid off 44,000 employees.
  • Curbs on Immigrants Expanded (Sept. 18): Administration extends powers of detention. New rules prompted by terrorist attacks on the U.S.
  • Bush Demands Taliban Hand Over bin Laden (Sept. 20): In address to Congress, president insists that Afghan leaders surrender bin Laden and close down terrorist training camps.
  • Senate Passes Airline Bailout (Sept. 21): Approves, 96?1, $15 billion package to aid struggling airlines. Also votes, 96?1, to establish federal fund to compensate victims of terrorist attacks.
  • Bush Orders Freeze of Terrorists' Assets (Sept. 24): Also gives treasury secretary power to impose sanctions on banks abroad that provide terrorists access to international financial system.
  • National Guard to Protect Airports (Sept. 27): Bush announces greater U.S. role in security.
  • Bush Approves Aid to Taliban Foes (Sept. 30): Moves to strengthen groups opposing Afghanistan leaders.


  • Sharks Attack Eastern Beaches (Sept. 5): Virginia begins inquiry after two fatal attacks over Labor Day weekend. Florida considers curbs on divers feeding sharks.
  • U.S. Drops Case to Break Up Microsoft (Sept. 6): In reversal, government says it will also abandon part of its antitrust lawsuit. Will seek less drastic regulation of company.
  • U.S. Jobless Rate Rises Sharply (Sept. 7): Bureau of Labor Statistics reports unemployment rate jumped to 4.9% in August from 4.5% in July. Highest one-month rise since 1995.
  • DNA Tests Provide Hoffa Clue (Sept. 7): U.S. officials report strand of hair gives new evidence in 1975 disappearance of former Teamsters head.
  • Child Sexual Exploitation Found Widespread (Sept. 9): Detailed study reports problem is far more extensive in North America than previously supposed.
  • Bigger Supply of Stem Cells Urged (Sept. 10): Experts conclude that more embryonic material is needed to advance research.
  • Stock Markets Plummet 14% (Sept. 21): Prices plunge in second-largest decline in history as investors seek safe havens following terrorist attacks on U.S.
  • Violinist Isaac Stern Dies at 81 (Sept. 22): Considered one of greatest instrumentalists of twentieth century. Led fight that saved New York's Carnegie Hall.