September 1998 News and Events

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1998 News Month-By-Month


  • U.N. Tribunal Convicts Rwandan in Genocide (Sept. 2): In first such verdict, finds former small-town mayor guilty in mass killings.
  • More Iraqi Interference Charged (Sept. 3): Chief U.N. weapons inspector says Baghdad has gone beyond blocking surprise checks and is interfering with routine monitoring operations at installations.
  • Old Foes Meet in Northern Ireland (Sept. 7): Two rival leaders, Gerry Adams, Roman Catholic, and David Trimble, Protestant, meet to further peace efforts.
  • Apartheid-Era Assassin Confesses (Sept. 8): Tells South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission of terrorist group's murders and bombings abroad.
  • Yeltsin Names Compromise Official (Sept. 10): Appoints Foreign Minister Yevgeny Primakov as Prime Minister to avoid clash with emboldened opposition. (Sept. 11): Russian Parliament easily confirms Primakov.
  • Two New Suspects Linked to Bombings (Sept. 17): U.S. accuses Islamic extremist of being planner for terror attack on Kenya Embassy. Also arrests Texan described as former personal secretary to Osama bin Laden, Saudi exile at center of worldwide inquiry.
  • Japanese Parties Agree on Economy (Sept. 18): Governing party and opposition break deadlock to lay groundwork for revamping unstable financial system and resolving the nation's recessionary crisis.
  • Clinton Urges World War on Terrorism (Sept. 21): In U.N. address, President calls for better international cooperation to prevent and punish attacks.
  • Britain Seizes 7 in Terrorist Raid (Sept. 23): Arrests band of suspected associates of Osama bin Laden, exiled Saudi financier accused of carrying out bombings of American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.
  • U.N. Warns Yugoslavian President (Sept. 23): Security Council tells Slobodan Milosevic to stop Serbian attacks on civilians in ethnically Albanian province of Kosovo or face international intervention. Only China does not support vote.
  • Pakistan Pledges A-Bomb Test Ban (Sept. 23): Pakistan agrees to end nuclear testing if sanctions are lifted. (Sept. 24): New Delhi announces that India agrees to end testing when details are settled.
  • Joint Force Formed in Southeast Europe (Sept. 26): Italy, Greece, Turkey, Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Romania form multinational peacekeeping operation.
  • Helmut Kohl Defeated in German Election (Sept. 27): 16–year Chancellor beaten by Gerhard Schröder, Social Democrat, as new era in Europe begins.
  • Kremlin Ousts Top Economic Reformer (Sept. 29): Boris G. Fyodorov removed from positions of chief tax collector and leading economic policy-maker.


  • Senate Democrat Scolds Clinton (Sept. 3): In speech on floor, Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut denounces President's conduct in Lewinsky affair as “disgraceful” and “immoral.” His words reflect growing Democratic discontent with President.
  • Rep. Dan Burton Admits Extramarital Affair (Sept. 4): Indiana Republican confirms reports that he fathered child in liaison early in the 1980s.
  • Reno Orders Campaign Spending Inquiry (Sept. 8): In 90–day proceeding, Attorney General seeks to determine whether President circumvented Federal election financing laws in 1996.
  • Starr Report on Clinton Made Public (Sept. 11): Independent counsel outlines case for possible impeachment proceedings. Report includes lurid details of President's affair with Monica S. Lewinsky. Clinton's lawyers charge report is designed to humiliate him and drive him out.
  • Clinton Counters Economic Threat (Sept. 17): Outlines strategy for U.S. to deter financial confusion affecting three continents.
  • Panel on Race Calls for Modest Measures (Sept. 17): Clinton advisory board's primary recommendation is creation of permanent Presidential council on race.
  • Veto of Abortion Bill Sustained (Sept. 18): Senate, 64–36, fails for second time in two years to override Clinton's rejection of measure to outlaw late-term procedure, branded by foes as partial birth.
  • Tape of Clinton Testimony Broadcast (Sept. 21): Nation hears President's account to grand jury on charges of perjury in sex scandal. In four-hour testimony, he repeatedly rebuffs prosecutors' attempts to have him give sexual details of affair with White House intern.
  • Poll Shows Rebound by Clinton (Sept. 21): Standing with public has increased since release of testimony.
  • U.S. Surplus First in Three Decades (Sept. 30): Fiscal year ends with record of about $70 billion, largest surplus on record. President hails “a landmark achievement” and predicts era of balanced budgets ahead. Surplus raises disagreement between Administration and House Republicans on how to use funds.


  • Atlantic Air Crash Kills 229 (Sept. 2): Swissair jet plunges into ocean off Nova Scotia. (Sept. 8): Flight data records show a series of vital operating systems were breaking down.
  • Breast-Cancer Drugs Recommended (Sept. 2): Panel recommends F.D.A. approval of tamoxifen to reduce risk and Herceptin for use in advanced cases.
  • Two Boys Cleared in Girl's Killing (Sept. 4): Children, aged 7 and 8, exonerated by new evidence in August murder of 11-year-old Chicago girl.
  • Way to Pick Baby's Sex Reported (Sept. 9): Fertility doctors in Virginia sort sperm by DNA content and use them for artificial insemination.
  • Northwest Airlines Strike Ends (Sept. 12): Pilots approve four-year contract after bitter four-week tie-up.
  • Manila Ferry Sinks; 23 Dead (Sept. 19): Many missing as The Princess of the Orient flounders in storm.
  • Hurricane Death Toll Nearly 300 (Sept. 24): Storm Georges rages across Caribbean, crosses Cuba and heads toward U.S. coast. (Sept. 30): Remnants of hurricane drench South with rain, sending rivers over banks as storm crosses Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Flood warnings in effect.
  • Iran Ends Salman Rushdie Death Threat (Sept. 24): Islamic Government lifts edict imposed on Indian-born British author of The Satanic Verses, a book viewed as heretical. Britain resumes diplomatic relations with Iran.

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