Entertainment News from July 2000

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Walter Matthau, perpetually rumpled, veteran actor known for his roles both on the stage and on the screen, dies of a heart attack at age 79. He first appeared on Broadway in 1948 and made his film debut in The Kentuckian (1958). His Broadway performance in Neil Simon's The Odd Couple (1965) launched his film career, making him one of Hollywood's most sought-after comic actors. He teamed up with Jack Lemmon in several films, including The Odd Couple, The Fortune Cookie, for which won a Supporting Actor Oscar, and Grumpy Old Men. Though he's best known for his comedies, Matthau starred in several dramas, playing roles rogues, lawyers, and philanderers.
CBS' other reality-based TV show, Big Brother, debuts to boffo ratings and horrendous reviews. In the show, 10 contestants, five men and five women, live together in a house under 24-hour surveillance. A house member is voted out every two weeks, and the sole survivor takes home a $500,000 purse.
Actor Justin Pierce commits suicide in a Las Vegas hotel room. He starred in 1995's controversial Kids. He also appeared in the 2000 film Next Friday.
Eminem's wife, Kim Mather, attempts suicide. The couple's relationship has been tumultuous. In June, the controversial rapper was arrested on two felony weapons charges, assault, and illegal possession of a firearm, after an altercation with a man who the singer had reportedly seen kissing Mather.
Liam Neeson breaks his pelvis when his 1989 Harley-Davidson crashes into a deer. He's expected to make a full recovery.
Mr. Showbiz reports that Drew Barrymore and MTV funnyman and cancer survivor Tom Greene are engaged. No date has been set, but plan on a wild and crazy wedding.
Steven Hill, who plays DA Adam Schiff on Law & Order is leaving the show after 10 years. He'll be replaced by Oscar winner Dianne Wiest.
Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy, a writer for the now-canceled Suddenly Susan, become engaged. Henchy proposed while the couple were on vacation at a Mexican spa.
The Sopranos and The West Wing each land 18 Emmy Award nominations. Both were nominated for Best Drama, along with ER, Law & Order, and The Practice. Best Comedy nominees include Everybody Loves Raymond, Frasier, Friends, Sex and the City, and Will & Grace. The awards will be presented on Sept. 10 in a televised ceremony hosted by Garry Shandling.
Florida police issue a warrant for a guest on The Jerry Springer Show who they suspect beat his former wife to death hours after taping of the show, titled “Secret Mistresses Confronted.” The suspect, Ralf Panitz, appeared on the show with his current wife, Eleanor, as well as his former wife, Nancy Campbell-Panitz, who was later found dead.
UPN television network announces that as of Jan. 1, 2001, it will be known as the Paramount Network.
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston marry in an ultra-private, ultra-swank Malibu ceremony. The A-list couple reportedly spent $75,000 on flowers alone.
Brigham Young University suspends for one year The Real World's Julie Stoffer for allegedly violating the school's rigid honor code. While the Mormon school did not say why the coed was suspended, the university does forbid students from living with members of the opposite sex. “Under the circumstances I am happy to no longer be affiliated with BYU,” Sotffer said. “I am actively searching for a new university to attend.”

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