The Jayhawks

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff

Sound of Lies

  • American

After 10 years together, the Jayhawks were dealt a major blow in 1995 when key songwriter Mark Olson announced he was leaving to pursue a solo career. But instead of packing it in, the Minneapolis band regrouped and came back stronger than ever. More pop than previous country-fied efforts, but still shimmering in heartland appeal, Sound of Lies showcases a band at the peak of its game. Chief songwriter/singer Gary Louris and his mates have crafted an exquisite batch of tracks, loaded with chunky guitars (?Think About It?), beyond-belief harmonies (?Trouble?) and provocative tales of dashed expectations and sudden doses of reality (?Big Star?).

? Kevin O'Hare

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