Drive Me Crazy

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
Director:John Schultz
Writer:Rob Thomas
20th Century Fox; 93 minutes; PG-13
Cast:Melissa Joan Hart, Adrian Grenier, Stephen Collins, Ali Lartner

Drive Me Crazy relies on a familiar plot: a popular cheerleader (Melissa Joan Hart) is overlooked by a basketball star she'd hoped would invite her to the prom. Her childhood friend (Adrian Grenier), now a vaguely rebellious social outcast, is dumped by his politically strident goth girlfriend (Ali Lartner). The kids pretend to date in order to spark jealousy in their love interests, but discover true high-school romance.

What makes the movie better than it sounds is the adult treatment these teens receive—their characters make important decisions of self-identity. The boy discovers he enjoys a modicum of popularity but still feels marginal; the girl is perched to shed her protective bubbly shell. Nevertheless, Drive Me Crazy is unadventurous and predictable, lacking a sense of play.