Bob Dylan

Updated June 26, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

The Bootleg Series — Volume 4 — Live 1966

  • Columbia

Indeed, Bob Dylan makes his own rules and always seems to have the last laugh. Take for instance his latest release, the two-CD, half-acoustic, half-electric “most famous bootleg in history,” according to the liner notes. What makes this concert, which was recorded in Manchester, England, legendary is that it was on this tour that Dylan went “electric,” shocking a folk community that felt betrayed. He also played hard and fast, accompanied by The Hawks (later to be known as The Band), as audiences cheered, jeered and walked out. At one point in the show, someone in the audience shouted “Judas,” prompting the mod-dressed Dylan to instruct his band to play “f- - king loud.” Another prophecy that would inspire his and future generations of rockers.

John J. Kelly

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