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Updated August 28, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

Yahoo! News is once again the Internet's top general news site, further solidifying the company's place as one of the largest and most powerful Internet properties. While the Yahoo! site saw a significant increase in visitors over 2006, its 25% growth rate was overshadowed by McClatchy Corp.'s 109% increase in popularity over 2006.

Total Internet audience178,079
General News category100,921
1.Yahoo! News37,073
4.AOL News22,012
5.Tribune Broadcasting12,002
6.The New York TImes Brand9,597
7.ABC News Digital9,232
8.CBS News Digital7,430
10.McClatchy Corp.6,939
NOTE: Audience: All persons at U.S. home/work/college/university locations.
1. Unique visitors over one-month period, April 2007.
Source: comScore Media Metrix (comScore Media Metrix is a division of comScore Networks, Inc.).
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