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Director:Manuel Poirier
Writers:Manuel Poirier and Jean-François Goyet
Director of Photography:Nara Keo Kosali
Editor:Yann Dedet
Music:Bernardo Sandoval
Production Designer:Roland Mabille
Producers:Maurice Bernart and Michel Saint-Jean
Diaphana; R; 134 minutes
Cast:Sergi López, Sacha Bourdo, Elisabeth Vitali, Marie Matheron and Basile Siekoua

This French on-the-road buddy flick, which won the 1998 Cesar Award for Best French Film, is warm and witty enough to make its meandering plot forgivable. The camaraderie between Paco (López), a traveling shoe salesman from Spain, and Nino (Bourdo), a Russian gypsy, is both funny and touching.

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